lundi 7 janvier 2013


A series of Ebook covers.
This was different, as the cover was to be seen only on a screen, the visual wanted was something bold and graphic.
The audience being younger, I went for punchy colors.

1. The idea of an evil pumpkin or scare-crow played with the most recognized Halloween icon.

2. The final collection was made of one visual with 5 different color variations.

3. One final cover for the WHOLE COLLECTION.

GENIUS follow up to the GENTLEMAN's cover.

Following the success of the previous book, the next volume came out and I got to do the cover plus the inside illustrations, as I had also done for the previous one. This book could, at least in social circles, make one look like the illegitimate son of Einstain.

1. I went straight into pushed sketches as the style was already stablished.

2. The final cover was quickly chosen, only a couple of color tryouts were done.