vendredi 1 février 2013


A new POSTER for another phenomenal lecture by Texas best teaching Mama.
This time the theme was lenguages.
The idea of the Tower of Babel sprung to turn what in legend was originally a punishment into a blessing to modern culture.

First some graphic versions, but then I did a doodle with a head as a pedestal for the tower...voices in the mind, languages running around one's head.
Well, that one was the chosen direction.

lundi 7 janvier 2013


A series of Ebook covers.
This was different, as the cover was to be seen only on a screen, the visual wanted was something bold and graphic.
The audience being younger, I went for punchy colors.

1. The idea of an evil pumpkin or scare-crow played with the most recognized Halloween icon.

2. The final collection was made of one visual with 5 different color variations.

3. One final cover for the WHOLE COLLECTION.

GENIUS follow up to the GENTLEMAN's cover.

Following the success of the previous book, the next volume came out and I got to do the cover plus the inside illustrations, as I had also done for the previous one. This book could, at least in social circles, make one look like the illegitimate son of Einstain.

1. I went straight into pushed sketches as the style was already stablished.

2. The final cover was quickly chosen, only a couple of color tryouts were done.

samedi 5 janvier 2013

here is a fun one.

A book for men who have little attention span, and will only read 15 minutes before going to bed, and want to become better in social circles.

A Gentleman's Bedside Book
Tons of trivia information that will make you look gook.

1. First, some ideas using the MANLY world of chic, fashion, cosmetics, retro macho chic.

 2. First choice was concentrating onthe BEDSIDE aspect of the book and a MAD MEN graphic feel, maybe with some macho touches like a woman in the background (if you think that makes it more manly, will agree with my editor...I have NO need for a naked babe to feel like a gentleman...but I digress).
 3. In the end, a more RETRO direction was chosen, as the last book by the author followed this look.
The point was also to show the multiplicity of subjects and the fun writting style.
 4. VOILA the final cover. Beautifull hard bound cover, with old paper wrap and style.

...PS: It was also published in France.

I succeded in posting new images despite the new system.
Yeah, yeah, I'm one of those "old school" guys who have a hard time with all the new web and surf technology...
If you must call me a name or put a label on little old moi, do not use "old"...I prefer "classic", "old school", or even better "retro"...this last one meaning old'ish but cool.

Yeah, I may be "old school" but FAR from old.


Anyway, here is another cover for you.

The brief: The Mammoth Book of NEW IQ PUZZLES

 1.Here are some of the ideas...the direction being fun and science.
2. HERE IS THE FINAL COVER. After much thinking, the more fun routes were discarted and a slightly more serious route, where the I and the Q builded shapes and puzzles, was chosen.


Ok, sorry for this short message, but I just spent 30 minutes typing a full explination and it did not publish.
This is a quick one as a test. IF THIS WORKS I'll EXPLAIN THE FOLLOWING POSTS.

Short and sweet, these are the ideas of the TON OF BOOK COVERS I've been doing.

cover for the Mammoth Book of Modern Horror-Volume 20

1.fist ideas

 2. second ideas
 3. CHOSEN ROUTE from the first group of ideas...this is the finished cover

What do YOU think?
I still love some of the first computer sketches, two of them became covers for NICHOLAS VINCE books. Fortunatly I never throw anything away.

dimanche 18 novembre 2012 NEW EMAIL IS:

Take note.


Hola, november welcomes my birthday and the day of the dead...DIA DE LOS MUERTOS...
For the occasion my friend Mike posed for a new image, to be used for a conference by my mother in Texas, later as an invitation for my birthday party.

Here it is...I think I'm on to something...

dimanche 12 août 2012

Hello there,

Its been quite a long time, so now I have  A LOT OF STUFF TO SHARE WITH YOU.
From comic work on the works, book covers, design, illustration and just let me get some pictures of all of this and I'll put it all in this week. Promise!!!

To start with, I want to share the cover I did for my GREAT friend Nicholas Vince.
After various works, acting, chanting, and so on; he has returned to his unique amazing writting talent. I was simply overjoyed when he asked me to do his cover. But being true to myself, I forgot about it until the day we had to turn it in...aaarrrrgg! When will I ever learn?
So I whipped this out for him...I punish myself for not taking more time to do it (than one night and one bottle of white wine) but he seems happy with it.

Let me know what you all think.