dimanche 18 novembre 2012



Take note.


Hola, november welcomes my birthday and the day of the dead...DIA DE LOS MUERTOS...
For the occasion my friend Mike posed for a new image, to be used for a conference by my mother in Texas, later as an invitation for my birthday party.

Here it is...I think I'm on to something...

dimanche 12 août 2012

Hello there,

Its been quite a long time, so now I have  A LOT OF STUFF TO SHARE WITH YOU.
From comic work on the works, book covers, design, illustration and art...so just let me get some pictures of all of this and I'll put it all in this week. Promise!!!

To start with, I want to share the cover I did for my GREAT friend Nicholas Vince.
After various works, acting, chanting, and so on; he has returned to his unique amazing writting talent. I was simply overjoyed when he asked me to do his cover. But being true to myself, I forgot about it until the day we had to turn it in...aaarrrrgg! When will I ever learn?
So I whipped this out for him...I punish myself for not taking more time to do it (than one night and one bottle of white wine) but he seems happy with it.

Let me know what you all think.

Book cover for Nico

Hi everyone, its been a while, but it is time to put A LOT OF STUFF in this blog since the last time I came by. To start, a quicky but a fun one and important for me.
My GREAT friend Nicholas Vince, whom I've known from when I did my first doodles and before the internet existed, is writting again...after acting (Hellraiser...etc) and tons of other stuff (I'll let him tell you all about it).
Here is a preview of his book.