lundi 19 octobre 2009

Some classic characters...practice pages!

I got tired of drawing characters floating on a white page. Character studies are fine, but making them live on a page and a story is more fun, and more of a challange.
I picked Bats and The Crow as my test subjects, and gave myself the constraint of making a visual sequence in only three pages. This was a good excersice in storytelling.
I must have been feeling rather sadistic at the moment, because i also gave myself the challenge of staying "clean" as far as my inking is concerned. I'm usually more "expressionistic" and free with my inks, but i wanted to concentrate on the essentials and not blur things with "style".
I'm happy with the story telling, but not satisfied with a lot of the details. One can tell there are a couple of loose ends and unfinished was tiresome making a page that in the end, at least to me, is efficient but too mainstream and impersonal to my taste.
BUT, i did learn a lot from doing them. At the Bristol Con I got a lot of constructive comments, so i will take this pages and finish them in a proper way, as well as MY way.

Some classic characters

To update my little portfolio one of my friends sugested i choose a couple of popular characters and do some character studies.
I chose Sandman, Wolverine, and of course the classic Batman.

dimanche 7 juin 2009

Camera Oscura

Took a couple of weeks to develop one of my personal projects.

Its rather difficult since I'm doing it without a full story. I have the main plot, but still looking for a writer.

I will put together a proper presentation later, 'cause I have tons of art and ideas for this storyline.


Here are some loose character sketches and

dimanche 3 mai 2009

What's new this weekend

Hello, this is what I'm working on this weekend.

A sort of Sex in the City chronicle...and being true to its inspiration, my friends advendtures and most embarrasing anecdotes are the main subject.
The working title is "The Pretty Boy Club"...humm?

Its my little fun, non pretentious project, that gives me the opportunity to get some much needed practice to get back into the game.

I realize that after such a long period of non drawing I need to a simple subject to get the hand working and find out how I draw now.

So after all this time I have to find my style and my own way of doodling...great, feels like back to school.

dimanche 5 avril 2009

What's been going on?

My return to illustration was rekindle by the great opportunity to do book covers for Constable & Robinson.

Back from the pun intended, really.

The real zombie fans will remember this.
The official adaptation of the movie NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD.

The follow up was NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, LONDON. Written by Clive Barker.

Here are some of the Pages.
6 issues of fully painted artwork.

A blog is born

At last my blog...of course this is WORK IN PROGRESS. Give me some time to put stuff in here, i'm still trying to figure out how to put pictures this