lundi 19 octobre 2009

Some classic characters...practice pages!

I got tired of drawing characters floating on a white page. Character studies are fine, but making them live on a page and a story is more fun, and more of a challange.
I picked Bats and The Crow as my test subjects, and gave myself the constraint of making a visual sequence in only three pages. This was a good excersice in storytelling.
I must have been feeling rather sadistic at the moment, because i also gave myself the challenge of staying "clean" as far as my inking is concerned. I'm usually more "expressionistic" and free with my inks, but i wanted to concentrate on the essentials and not blur things with "style".
I'm happy with the story telling, but not satisfied with a lot of the details. One can tell there are a couple of loose ends and unfinished was tiresome making a page that in the end, at least to me, is efficient but too mainstream and impersonal to my taste.
BUT, i did learn a lot from doing them. At the Bristol Con I got a lot of constructive comments, so i will take this pages and finish them in a proper way, as well as MY way.

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  1. Carlos, we met in Bristol (I was the Italian guy with glasse sitting at Dave Taylor's table at the bar when Bisley was there).
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