samedi 5 janvier 2013

here is a fun one.

A book for men who have little attention span, and will only read 15 minutes before going to bed, and want to become better in social circles.

A Gentleman's Bedside Book
Tons of trivia information that will make you look gook.

1. First, some ideas using the MANLY world of chic, fashion, cosmetics, retro macho chic.

 2. First choice was concentrating onthe BEDSIDE aspect of the book and a MAD MEN graphic feel, maybe with some macho touches like a woman in the background (if you think that makes it more manly, will agree with my editor...I have NO need for a naked babe to feel like a gentleman...but I digress).
 3. In the end, a more RETRO direction was chosen, as the last book by the author followed this look.
The point was also to show the multiplicity of subjects and the fun writting style.
 4. VOILA the final cover. Beautifull hard bound cover, with old paper wrap and style.

...PS: It was also published in France.

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