samedi 5 janvier 2013

I succeded in posting new images despite the new system.
Yeah, yeah, I'm one of those "old school" guys who have a hard time with all the new web and surf technology...
If you must call me a name or put a label on little old moi, do not use "old"...I prefer "classic", "old school", or even better "retro"...this last one meaning old'ish but cool.

Yeah, I may be "old school" but FAR from old.


Anyway, here is another cover for you.

The brief: The Mammoth Book of NEW IQ PUZZLES

 1.Here are some of the ideas...the direction being fun and science.
2. HERE IS THE FINAL COVER. After much thinking, the more fun routes were discarted and a slightly more serious route, where the I and the Q builded shapes and puzzles, was chosen.

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